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The Big Circle

We are a family of Native American ancestry with the Lumbee Tribe in Pembroke, NC.  We have always maintained the position that we are here on this earth to help others.  We researched information about Native American reservations and we were staggered at what we found.  Then, we immediately went to work, prayerfully considering how we could help.  From this Unbroken Circle Project was imaginined.  We are so blessed to be able to partner with Helps Ministries to provide us with the structure, accountability and transparency that is so important as a nonprofits.  They are an ECFA Accredited organization and committed to standards of good stewardship.

Supporting Circle

Our idea from the beginning was not to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, but to come alongside and partner with those people and non profit organizations that are already in motion to help Native American youth.  This has taken the shape of many efforts such as sending food for the youth, providing blankets, sleeping bags, clothes.  We have arranged for delivery of food items for the youth.  Heating assistance for grandmothers who are raising their grandchildren, tuition assistance and more.  All with the intention of helping to remove the barriers that prevent a child from achieving their greatest potential in education.

Grateful Circle

Our belief in the Creator to guide us and provide is strong.  We also know that we need wonderful people to come alongside us that are compelled by the need to support the beautiful and often forgotten Native American youth.  They are truly the hope of our future and for their tribes.  We appreciate so much your consideration of a donation.  If you feel led to donate you may click on the link provided that will take you directly to Helps Ministries.  Please list Unbroken Circle Project in the memo section.  Thank you!!!

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